We take pride in our work to satisfy our customers & guaranty our work.
The office Scheduler will contact you in 2-3 days in advance with a day & Estimated time, do to some delays we will contact the customer.
Make sure driveway / Parking lot is clear of all vehicles & any other items on the asphalt. We will take care of the rest.

24-48 hours depending on if the evening hours fall below 50 degrees.

We recommend you seal your driveway / parking lot every 2 years due to the Wisconsin weather. Asphalt is not a waterproof substance. If water is left sitting on the pavement it can penetrate into the sub-base causing premature pavement failure during freezing and thawing. Our Sealer reduces these affects by making the pavement much more waterproof and the jet black raises the temperature of the pavement making water evaporate more quickly and makes ice melt more quickly in the winter.
Inferred and removed /replaced patching will allow you to drive over it within a couple of hours. We do ask you avoid parking a vehicle directly on top of the new asphalt patch for a few weeks to allow asphalt to correctly harden.
October 1st or when the weather drops below 50 degrees during the day.

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We are fully insured to protect the customer’s property & our Employees.

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